Makeup should leave the client looking  and feeling like a princess, says Hilda R. Blacher a Miami makeup artist who works with television, numerous beauty pageants, Univision (Spanish TV network). She should feel like "the star of the show but within her own taste".
While lighter makeup is gaining popularity, Blacher says that she will accentuate the eyes and enhance their feature that dominates the best look.

If brides want a glamorous look  but most want to look  like themselves, she says.   I try to create, enhance, countour and shade as needed.   New camouflage makeup that evens skin tones that covers scarring or other skin disorder is particularly popular now.  


Estheticians License - 1994
Berger Institute of Production and Technology - 1990
Basic and advance face and body glamour make-up techniques; Television, Video, Film, Runway and Stage Make-up.
Linda Seidel Transforming Cosmetics ( Assistant instructor in camouflage techniques for skin disorders, etc.)
Sebastian/Trucco - Make-up educator (Free-lance instructor)
Congress of Esthetics Continuing Education ( Annually)
Permanent Make-up Certification - 1994
Advance Corrective Camouflage Techniques by Nancy Odgen - 1990
"Eres" Magazine Covers - June & November 1997
"South Florida elegant Bride" - 1996
Sabado Gigante ( Weekly variety show ) Onda Max, Cristina, Nuestra Belleza ( Beauty Pageant ) Miami Ahora, Premio Lo Nuestro ( Music Award ), "Summit of the Americas" commercials, Liga Contra el Cancer ( Annual Telethon ), Caliente (Latin MTV), Blablazo, Estamos Unidos ( Alicia Machado - 1996 Miss Universe ), Los Metiches (Sitcom), Host; Rafael Jose.
Worked on the Band and Singers on the following:
"Party Time" (You'll Be Mine) - by Gloria Estefan
"Everlasting Love" - London video by Gloria Estefan
"Mi Tierra" - by Gloria Estefan
"Make you Sweat" - by Inner Circle
"Beyond Desire" - 1993
"Peace Town" - 1993

Alberta Ferrati Spring 1998 Collection
Laura Ferreti - Calendar Shoot

Extensive experience in Wedding Make-up
Famous talents includes:
Dan Marino, Lorenzo Lamas, Thalia, Angela Carrasco, Carlos Ponce, Shakira, Eddie Cibrian, Fey, Emmanuel, Willy Chirino, Felix Guillermo, Cristian and others.
LANGUAGE English - Spanish
Community Services: (Make-up, different organizations)

H I L D A M A K E U P . C O M
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